There’s no measure to our infrastructure drones.

Inspections becomes a lot easier from the moment you start using a drone for infrastructure inspection. But using new technology is never easy. We understand that. And we are on a mission to make using a drone as easy as using a ruler. That’s why we have made every effort to understand your specific needs. And we have developed a drone to meet these exact needs. So, is your business ready for the future?


Flying a infrastructure inspection drone is super easy. Anyone can learn how to do it in a matter of hours.


Simply upload the scan via 4G for instant results.

Fully integrated

The inspection is immediately converted to the applications that you use.

Hufter proof

A infrastructure inspection drone is designed to withstand dust, wind and rain. And it’s very strong.

What a drone can deliver to your business.

Our infrastructure drones

Here they are. Three different 3D scan drone infrastructures. Each with their now respective level of accuracy and corresponding price points.


Drone 1

DJI M200

The basic model. A simple and fast drone from the major brand DJI. Equipped with distance sensors which can be very handy.


Drone 2

Solid X4

Our most frequently sold drone. Developed inhouse specifically for industrial and professional use. It is easy to use and fly and works with almost all sensors and cameras. Upgrading is very easy thanks to its modular design.


Drone 3

DJI M600

The Rolls Royce amongst our drones. Being over 4 kilograms does mean that the legislation for using this drone infrastructure is a lot stricter. In return, you get a drone that offers the widest range of options for upgrading.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a scan drone is very simple: the drone can fly autonomously. After you mark an area on a map on a tablet, the drone will calculate the best route to scan this area. And fly autonomously and return after its task is completed. Dutch laws require you to always have the drone infrastructure in sight and that you are standby to intervene when necessary. In a simple course of just a few hours we’ll teach you how to do so.

Easy Result

The data generated by a inspection drone is stored on an SD-card. You simply upload this to a computer or tablet from this SD card or by 4G. From there you can make analyses and reports with variables such as damages, rust, wear and tear, etc.

Our software

We use a variety of software. All very simple to use and user friendly – but varying in the level of freedom to change settings. The choice is completely depending on your preferences.

Full service

A drone is an important piece of machinery for your company. That’s why we believe it should always work. Should a malfunction arise or your drone is damaged in some way, we make sure you have a working drone at your disposal within 24 hours. This could be your repaired drone, or a spare. That’s why we value our 24/7 service.

Dutch legislation

Legislation for drones in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward. You will read all about it if you follow this link below.

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